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Robert Cousins

Robert Cousins

Chess Instructor, Expert Player

Robert is an extremely active chess player and teacher. He began teaching with the New Castle chess program in 2001 alongside current USCF President Beatriz Marinello and continues to teach there today with NSCF. Having played since childhood, Robert has enjoyed many years on the junior National Top 100 Lists.

Several of Robert's students are now prominent competitors at the local and regional level. He enjoys working with young children, he says, because, "At that age the entire world is beckoning to them. They can choose to do anything they want, and it makes me happy to see them playing chess. Chess is a companion that will journey alongside them for the rest of their lives."

Robert's most exciting chess moments include his first-place class finishes in the 2002 Bradley Open and the 2003 NYS Championships, along with his 2002 defeat of former USCF Executive Director Frank Niro.

Robert is currently a USCF Expert. He hopes to soon achieve the National Master title and after that, who knows? Robert is looking forward to continuing his chess career in college and beyond.

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