Chess Close-Up

Find the best defense for White in the game Gershenov-Arias, from the NSCF Championship Section, Greenwich Country Day School, February 23, 2003

White has just played 1.Bf5. Black ignored the threat
on his Queen and played 1...Re1 threatening mate.

White defended with 2.Kg1 (2.Rg1 is also good). Black then played
2...Qe7, and White lost quickly with 3.Bd3? Qe3+ 4.Kh1 Qxd3

CHALLENGE: Here is the position after 2...Qe7
     a  b   c  d   e  f   g  h
(1) What does Black do against 3.Be4?   (2) What is the best defense to 2...Qe7?