National Scholastic Chess Foundation

Pictures - GM Hikaru Nakamura Simultaneous Exhibition
at the Bronx/Yonkers Chess Club White Plains Location, 2/21/03

Photographs by Jerome Bibuld, International chess photographer. Jerome Bibuld will provide photographs to those who make contributions to certain African Chess Federations. Please contact him for details.

NSCF instructor Silvio Rosato is feeling the pressure.

Hikaru augments his queenside attack with center pressure.

(Foreground) Young McDermott gets ready to start.

Joe Maher is working hard on his next move.

Joe decides to bring his queen to the center.

Polly is bracing for the kingside attack.

Silvio is cramped after Hikaru's exchange sacrifice.

(Foreground) Young Nikhil Vaidya waits to make his next move.
(Background) 9-year-old star Ben Gershenov considers Hikaru's last move.

Arun Basuljevic records his move.

Game over, Hikaru shakes hands with Jerry Bibuld's grandson, Muhammad Djata.

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