National Scholastic Chess Foundation

Pictures - GM Hikaru Nakamura Simultaneous Exhibition
at the Bronx/Yonkers Chess Club White Plains Location, 2/21/03

The young Grandmaster-elect scored 12-1, losing only to 9-year-old Adam Basuljevic.
His pleasant demeanor and audience rapport added immensely to the evening's enjoyment.

Photos by Ed Eusebi. See more photos here by chess photographer Jerome Bibuld.

Thirteen enthusiastic players were assembled at short notice.

Bronx/Yonkers Club President Joe Maher records his move
while chess photographer Jerry Bibuld records his image.

NSCF instructor Mike McDermott and son ponder their moves.

NSCF tournament director Polly Wright ponders Hikaru's attack
while Hikaru ponders a tough situation against Adam Basuljevic.

The young GM brings his queen in for the kill.

Adam Basuljevic has won a rook and soon wins the full point!

Polly does a postmortem after being crushed on the kingside.

Polly finds she could have forced a draw by perpetual check!

NSCF Executive Director Sunil Weeramantry goes over Jacob Spitzer's game.

Mike McDermott does a postmortem with Hikaru.

Sunil makes an analogy with a battlefield - you can not attack
successfully on two flanks if the enemy controls the center.

Hikaru poses with Adam and Arun Basuljevic.

As the night wears down, Hikaru wins a few 5-minute
games played one-on-one with brave Furqan Tanwir.

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