Tournament Results
Daniel Webster Scholastic
January 22, 2005

NOTICE: Because of the storm, the January 22 Daniel Webster tournament was a 3-round event, without a trophy ceremony. To see if you are a trophy or medal winner, see the results below. Trophies and medals may be picked up in the Tournament Director's room after noon, Saturday, January 29 at the Lincoln School tournament. For other arrangements, contact the NSCF office. For this tournament, 2� points gets a trophy, 2 points gets a medal.  The Grand Prix standings will be calculated by adding 1/2 point to all scores.

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UNRATED K-1     Individual   (No Teams)            

UNRATED 2-5       Individual   (No Team Awards)

PRIMARY             Individual   Team                    

ELEMENTARY     Individual   Team                    

RESERVE               Individual   Team                    

CHAMPIONSHIP   Individual   Team                    

The trophies await...

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Tournament Directors: Peter Baust, Polly_Wright
Pairings by SwissSys

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