This year NSCF will produce 20 tournaments in Westchester County, NY and in Greenwich, CT. NSCF scholastic tournaments are open to all students (K-12). All events are USCF-rated. A current USCF membership is required. If your child is joining the US Chess Federation for first time or has an expired membership, we have made arrangements for a special one-year membership discount. You can purchase this when you register for an event (see drop-down menu when you are filling in the Player Information). 

In addition, NSCF administers 7 tournaments for Hunter College Campus Schools. These events are noted on our calendar in purple and link you to the Hunter Chess site to register.

Many NSCF students also participate in New York State and USCF National Scholastic Tournaments.

You can register for events by clicking the links within the Calendar or on the Events List (two views of the same information).

Please remember the following:
(1) Your registration is not confirmed until you receive a confirming email.
(2) Please bring a copy of the confirming email to the tournament or class in case there is a question.
(3) Tournament players, please arrive no later than 9:30 am and check the pre-registration list to make sure your name is on it.

Contact the NSCF office




Recommended books for beginning players.