With an increased focus on providing chess instruction for many more children regardless of income and for creating programs that help advance chess in education nationwide, NSCF is developing its fundraising capacity and is planning our next fundraiser for Fall 2014. We hope from there to make this an annual event.

The 2012 event, only the second in our 24+ year history, raised $20,000 to help us expand our programming into Title 1 schools. It was a smashing success

“The very best thing ever!" said chess instructor Shiva Maharaj, who came from Chicago to join more than 100 other spectators and players in a simultaneous exhibition with GM Hikaru Nakamura. Now rated #5 in the world, Nakamura cruised through 32 boards -- mostly teams of two -- including National and International Masters. He yielded draws to FM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy and to the teams of Oliver Kanders & Michael Ellenbogen and Dylan Gerstenhaber & IM Milos Scekic and won the other 29 games. Among the chess dignitaries attending was Dr. Frank Brady, the founding editor of Chess Life magazine and author of one of the best-selling chess books in history, Profile of a Prodigy, the biography of Bobby Fischer.

Hikaru NakamuraIn the opening ceremony, NSCF board member Jay Hack presented Hikaru with a T-shirt and a mounted scoresheet commemorating the first USCF-rated tournament Hikaru ever played in - the NSCF-sponsored 1995 U.S. Junior Chess Congress East. Jay pointed out that Hikaru's first USCF rating was 684 and it is now 2200 points higher, so don't worry about your current rating. Just keep playing and studying and you can get there too!

The convention center at KIRKLAND & ELLIS was a truly spectacular site. Not only did our guests enjoy sparring with one of the world’s elite grandmasters, they also enjoyed beautiful views of Manhattan at dusk from their vantage point on the 50th floor of the former Citicorp Center.

We are greatly indebted to Jennifer Selendy of KIRKLAND & ELLIS and Dr. Kelly Posner-Gerstenhaber for their generous support. The bar has truly been set high for our future events.

View Polly Wright's pictures from the 2012 fundraiser.




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