Mayor Noam Bramson will join chess players of all ages and abilities for Chess in the Park being held Monday, October 13 from 1 to 5 pm at Library Park in New Rochelle.

Hosted by the National Scholastic Chess Foundation and New Rochelle Parks and Recreation, the event celebrates 25 years of NSCF chess instruction and tournaments in Westchester schools.

Here is a chance to play one of our area’s chess masters in a simultaneous event, learn new strategies and techniques in chess talks from NSCF instructors or participate in open play. Open play will feature our NSCF instructors as well as FIDE Master George Alexopoulos who runs a free chess program each week at Hope Community Services.

A simultaneous exhibition will feature Westchester resident, 15-year old Joshua Colas, the youngest African American ever to achieve the title of master (a feat he accomplished at the age of 11) and a six-time National scholastic champion.

Introductory chess talks will be offered by National Master Ricardo Perez. For more advanced students, NSCF Executive Director Sunil Weeramantry will present a lecture featuring games played by the strongest players to have graduated from New Rochelle High School. There is no registration requirement and all activities free of charge.

The NSCF offers either curricular or after school programs in over 70 schools throughout Westchester County, and Greenwich including 7 schools in New Rochelle. The NSCF also runs a Grand Prix chess tournament series with 20 events scheduled for the 2014-15 school year.

While the NSCF has produced over 150 national scholastic champions in both individual and team competition, the focus of its school programs is to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills that can be applied to any pursuit in life. Chess helps children improve concentration and self-discipline leading to better test scores in math, reading, sciences and social studies.

“While we teach chess to children, the benefits of playing chess are for every age group. Chess is the only activity where an 8 year old can play an 80 year old and potentially be on equal footing,” said Mr. Weeramantry. “Chess in the Park is a fun event to let people know that there is a vibrant chess community in the New Rochelle area and we hope to see players of all ages come out for the afternoon.”

Click here for a flyer with the complete schedule: Chess in the Park flyer (PDF)


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