Cancellations and No-Shows

Tournament entry cancellations will be accepted by phone (914-683-5322) up to 12 noon on the Friday before the tournament. Charges can be applied to another tournament during the same season. No cash refunds. Cancellations may also be made at the tournament site before 9:40am.

A no-show is a player who is paired for the first round of the tournament and does not play. No-shows due to sickness will be extended the same conditions as above only if they call the office by 4 PM on the Monday after.

Regarding the use of Chess Clocks

All players should make an effort to familiarize themselves with the use of a chess clock, and get into the habit of using them in their games. Though we do not forbid a game to start without a clock in the younger sections, the following regulations will be followed:

  • The use of clocks is highly recommended for all sections. It is compulsory in the Championship, Future Masters and Reserve sections.
  • Players are expected to bring their own clocks to the tournament.
  • The preferred equipment is a digital clock with a time delay feature. If either one of the players has such a clock, then that clock must be used.
  • If the clock used does not have a delay, then the clock must be set to the primary time. Thus, if the time control is "game/40, delay 5", set the clock for 40 minutes.
  • Games that are started without clocks: If it appears that a game is unlikely to finish within the allotted time, the TD reserves the option to put a chess clock on the game. The remaining time for the round will be split between the two players. In no event will any player receive less than 10 minutes to finish the game.

Regarding the USCF Ratings Supplement

The USCF publishes official ratings updates (known as "ratings supplements") on a monthly basis. These supplements now reflect tournament results received by the third Friday of the previous month. For example, the November 2012 supplement should reflect results received by October 19, 2012.

In tournaments, player's ratings are used to determine pairing order, eligibility for some of the prizes, and for correct section placement.

In order to utilize the most up-to-date official information, it will be the policy of the NSCF to attempt to use, at pre-entry time, the following month's supplement for any tournament that is run on the final weekend of any month, assuming availability for download.

You may see a more detailed explanation at "Which USCF rating is used in NSCF tournaments?"

Regarding USCF Dues

All players playing in rated sections must be a current member of the USCF. If you are playing in a rated section for the first time, or if your membership has lapsed, you must pay these dues. You can do so by following the link below, or by paying the NSCF when you submit your entry form. A section can not be rated if all dues are not paid; thus all players are inconvenienced.

If you are a new member or need to renew, you may find it simplest to pay your dues online at (You may renew your USCF membership at any time without losing the months already paid for.) When you join, you will be issued a USCF ID (reuse your ID when you renew) and a current expiration date.

There is a space in the NSCF tournament entry form for you to indicate your USCF number and expiration date. Please fill this in carefully; it will be used to rate the tournament. If you register at the tournament site, please bring this information with you.

Regarding Unrated Primary eligibility

The Unrated Primary section is open to anyone in the 3rd grade or below who does not have a USCF rating, or whose USCF rating is below 300. Unrated events are for players new to tournament chess. The event results are not USCF rated. Consistently high-scoring players will be required to move up to a USCF-rated section at the next tournament.

Any player who has won two trophies in the Unrated Primary section, with scores of 3 or better and at least one score of 4-0, is expected to move up to a rated section. The current list of such players is published here.

(Note: As of February 2013, those who moved to the Primary from this section, and are still unrated or rated under 300, may choose to play in the Primary Novice instead.)