To find your published USCF rating and expiration date:

(1) Go to the USCF member ratings page and enter your name or ID in the search field:

(2) Press Find to reveal the listing:

Your USCF ID, current published rating, and expiration date are revealed. This is the rating that appears in the Rating field of your entry form after you enter your ID.

(3) You may want to use a more current rating - your weekly rating . The NSCF allows the use of the weekly rating only to qualify for another (higher or lower) section. See Moving Up for the criteria and procedures.
To find the weekly rating, click on the Tmnt. Hst tab. This shows your post-tournament ratings for all of your tournaments. Your latest result is listed at the top. Use the rating n bold under "Reg Rtg Before/After:"

Recommended books for beginning players.

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