Moving up or down a section in NSCF tournaments.

The NSCF often receives requests from players who want to play in a section that requires a higher rating than the player has achieved. The following describes our policy in this regard. No exceptions will be granted; please do not contact the NSCF office or any NSCF instructor.

The qualifying rating to use

For the purpose of qualifying for a higher section, an official published rating (current month) will normally be used. You may instead use your weekly rating to move either up a section or down. If you do not know how to find these ratings, see Which USCF rating is used in NSCF tournaments?

In addition, if you win the First Place trophy in the Championship section, you may play in the Future Masters section, one time only, without a qualifying rating. After the one-time shot, you can play there again only if your rating qualifies.

Tournament Director option

If there are an odd number of players in the Future Masters section, the TD retains the option to move the highest rated player in the Championship section to the Future Masters.

How to apply

If you meet any of the required criteria listed above and you wish to play up or down, please make a request in the comment section of your registration form. Do not call or email the NSCF office.

Note: These options apply only at registration time. You can not switch your section once a tournament has started, whether you had prior knowledge of these regulations or not.

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